Lo Scalo, family business restaurant, has a story of fourty years: set up by grandfather Cesare, is run today by Pippi Longo (the father) – previously chef on board of the blue ships of the fleet Lauro – who cooks the local fresh fish, helped by Cesare (the youngest son) certificated from the Santa Cesarea Terme school for hoteliers.

Maria Longo, Madame of Lo Scalo, is the perfect lady of the house who goes with gracefulness around her hosts to propose them the good dishes prepared, in this striking coin of Salento by her husband Pippi. Eventually, there is Agostino (the oldest son) who manages the restaurant service, has also a passion for fishing. The little groupers he fishes, end all up indeed in the frying pan of his dad Pippi, who invents new recipes for very tasty.

Available 24 hours a day, the owners ensure their professionalism in the management of the Bed & Breakfast, to offer you a pleasant stay in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.